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Handicaps are established on actual scores shot at Eastern Nebraska Senior Golf Association events. Team events are based on 90% handicap, unless otherwise notified.

A.   New Member: Handicap will be established at the completion of the first event. This will be accomplished by deducting    par from gross score and multiplying by 90%.


        Example: Gross Score           100

                 Less par              -72



        28 x 90% = Established Handicap  of 25


B.   Established Member: Player will carryover scores and handicap from last year. If member did not play last year, a new handicap must be established. Handicaps are determined by using last year and this year event scores as follows:


If you played in


            one event      use that events score

            two events     use two events scores

            three events   use two best of three events

            four events    use two best of four events

            five events    use three best of five events

            six events     use three best of six events

            seven events   use four best of seven events

            eight events   use four best of eight events

            nine events    use five best of nine events

            ten events     use five best of ten events

            eleven or more events use five best of last

                             ten events


  * An event score for handicap purposes is the difference between actual score and course rating. Actual scores must be recorded on each hole, but for handicap purposes, a triple bogey will be the maximum number allowed on any hole. Handicap will be calculated using current and last year events. Maximum handicap for participants will be 32 strokes. The 2 day tournament will use 100% handicap, not to exceed the maximum 36 stroke rule.