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Our Beginning
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          You might call him the instigator. Maybe a better description would be founding father. One thing is certain, without John Hendriks there would be no Eastern Nebraska Senior Golf Association. It was his brainchild and the “baby” was born on July 14, 1987.

        The Association has advanced through infancy and has developed its own personality. Much of the credit for its success belongs to John Hendricks. It was he, for example, who devised the logo that graces all the association items received by members. But Hendricks, now president emeritus and a lifetime member, will be the first to tell you his was not a one-man job. He had help—lots of it. Much of it came from Harold Dibelka. Hendricks realized he needed a few key men to usher the Eastern Nebraska Senior Group into reality. He says he spent three years looking for just the right man to be treasurer of the organization. That man, he said, was Harold Dibelka.

        There were three others who along with Hendricks and Dibelka, were instrumental in creating the association. They were Wally Agee, Ray Mitchell and Harold Thompson. Together, the five men devised most of the format under which Eastern Nebraska Seniors operate and the name which identifies their association.

        There was one more essential “ingredient” to the mix. The newly formed group needed a reliable, competent secretary and found the answer in Pete Hatch. When Pete joined the association team, the organization had 99 members. That was August 1987. By September 15 of that year, the group could boast 300 golfers. And the rest is history!